Patakay Lyrics – DJ Harpz | Amar Sandhu, Ezu

Patakay Lyrics – DJ Harpz | Amar Sandhu, Ezu
Patakay Lyrics - DJ Harpz | Amar Sandhu, EzuSong Details:
Song : Patakay
Music : DJ Harpz
Vocals : Amar Sandhu, Ezu
Lyrics : Amar Sandhu & Ezu
Video : Luke Biggins
Label : VIP Records

Patakay Lyrics

Menu Maare Isaare O Vi Akkhan De Naal Naal
Te Jad Lakh Nu Hilave O Toh Wajh Hi Maar Diyann
Toh E Lips Swang On The Down Bebe
Toh E Lips Swang To The Topic
To Raise The One Move Eve
Ki Mirichi Dil Lag Jate
You Dropping Down Bebe
Jo Papa Nu Maraundi Aa
Lilke All You Crazy
Kyu Sajjana Maraundi Aa
Drop It Down Baby
Jidda Aakh Tere Aude Koi Naa
I Came Like Crazy
Tere Naal Kiween Ho Sakda
Your Body Like Folkjaw
Your Lips Go Round The World
Yeaaah Yeaaah Yeaaah
Your Body Like Folkjaw
Baby Girl Make Me Loose Control
O Luck Tera Maare Patakhe
Oh Aashiqui Chadd Didtti Tere Karke
Luck Tera Maare Patakhe
Ho Putt Sardara De Maaran Hoke
K Luck Tera Maare Apatakhe
Sapni Maaang Tu Karddi A Hare
Sajana Nu Ka Ko Maare
O Luck Tera Ni Luck Tera
Maare Patahkheeeee

When You Move Your Body
When You Move Your Body
Every Man I The Comes Down To You
Tera Lukh Menu Lishkaa Maare
Aang Aang Tere Taapde Naare
Aashiq Saare Karde Beechare
Saachi Gal Sbb Tere Kaare
Tera Lukh Menu Pave Phuware
Phaaade Phaaade Dil Saade Maaare
Phir Aakhan De Jatta De Putt Mare
Sunn Yeh Sab Tere Kaare
Keep You Slow With Wine And Dine Babay
Please Keep Entertain
Keep It Until Tiill Glory Of Mine Babay
You Are Glory Of Mine
Your Body Like Folkjaw
You Lips Go Round The World
Yeah Yeaaah Yeah
Your Body On Folkjaw
Baby Kare Menu Loose Control
O Lukh Tera Maare Patakhe
Hoo Aahiqui Chaddti Tere Karke
Lukh Tera Maare Patakhe
Ho Puth Sardaarn De Maaarna Ho
K Lukh Tera Maare Patakhe
Sapni Waang Tu Kardi Halare
Sajna Nu Ka Ko Maare
Ho Lukh Tera Ni Lukh Tera Maare Patakhe

Are You Doning Own So You Can Take My Phone
How You Watchin Back To Come For My Phone
Take A Picture With Me
Don’t You Hear My Song
This Is Moving Crazy
With The Foremade On Your Phone
So Bring It Over Here
When You Wanna Go There
Drop It All On Me
I Just Wanna Be Around You
When I Think About You
Yeah You Got Me On Your Knees
Let Me Show You Other Things
I Waana Show You So You Can Tell Me
What You Need
You Cant Let Me Know
You Cant Let Me Go
I Just Beg Your Knees
Take One Take Two Take Three
Girl You Need To Woory About The Money
Oohh Seezzee Herr
Everybody Goona Go Tease Her
O Lukhh Tera Maare Pathake
Ho Aashiqui Chadtoiti Tere Karke
Lukh Tera ,Maare Pathake
Ho Putt Sardaran De Maaran Hoke
K Lukh Tera Maare Pathake
Sapni Waang Tu Kadi Hare
Saajna Nu Kako Maare Ho Lukh Tera
Ni Lukh Tera Maare Pathaske

When You Move Your Body
Every Nen In The Club Is Trying
Keep Down With You
When You Move Your Body
I Have Never Saw
What I Saw With You
I Can Be With You
In The Lobby
You Are So Natural Looking
Gotta Tell You Hold My Mind…

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